Our Process


The process starts every morning as we walk through the orchard, selecting only the mangoes at their peak point of ripeness, to bring you the best flavour. From December to January we pick the red mangoes, and the Peruvian Kent mangoes are available from January to February. There are many different types of mangoes in our orchard, but not all are ideal for the drying process. After testing the many varieties we grow, we found the Kent and Red mango deliver the best texture and flavour. Both are naturally sweet and delicious! 


When choosing the perfect mango you have to check for feel as well as colour. If a mango is perfectly ripe, it should give slightly when squeezed. Of course, it also important to look for those yellow and red undertones. Our mangoes are then hand peeled one by one, and prepped to be sliced. We take great care in peeling the mangoes to  ensure an even slice and to reduce waste. It’s a tricky process but somebody’s got to do it!


The mango slices are then placed in a large commercial grade dehydrator, where they are dried at a low temperature for approximately 22 hours! During the drying process the mangoes are flipped and tested for humidity levels to preserves the natural sweet flavour of the mango. Our dried mangoes have no added sugar or preservatives and are all natural, so if you see any imperfections in your dried mango, that’s because they were made with love and not additives!


Finally, our product is finally packed by hand, using only high grade packaging materials to preserve the the natural fresh taste of our organic dried mangoes. Our stand up pouches are puncture resistant and durable, while protecting the contents from moisture and light. The resealable feature gives you the option to enjoy our dried mangoes on the go, but also helps to reduce waste from having to use secondary packaging or storage bags after being opened. The unique design of our pouches preserves the high nutrient content of the dried mangoes, and locks in the flavour, texture, and freshness!
The most important feature of our stand up pouches is the protective barrier, which keeps the dried mango from damage caused by UV, humidity, moisture, aromas, and any other airborne contaminants. The bags are heat sealed with an industrial sealer at the time of packaging to preserve the fresh sweet taste of our all natural dried mango.

Packaging is Important 

Choosing a packaging and digital printing company that support our eco-conscious initiatives is also extremely important to us. Rootree produces up to 75% less waste than conventional printing and manufacturing companies. Click the button below to learn more about Rootree. 

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