How would you like to taste a mango, straight from the valley of the Andes in Peru? 

Our product is all natural, with no added sugar. The quality, freshness, and great taste can only be achieved when the perfect mango is selected. We do this at LaPapampa by picking our mangoes at its peak point of ripeness. 

The mangoes are picked and dried at the same time, to retain and capture the real mango flavour with every bite.

There are many different types of mangoes in the world, but not all are ideal for the drying process. After testing the many varieties we grow in our orchard, we found the Kent and Red mango deliver the best texture and flavour.

The Red mango is picked from December to January, and the Kent mango from January to March.

We are very proud of the quality of the mangoes we offer and the unique, natural fresh taste that truly captures what LaPapampa has to offer. I can’t wait to share this with you – a true taste of Peru.

Best in health,

Ray Sanchez


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